Monkey Warrior Slots

Get ready for an epic battle while trying for epic prize payouts in Monkey Warrior, a charming video slot game with impressive jackpot payouts. We were drawn in by the jackpot payout offers immediately, but decided to stick with the slot game due to the other features offered. Get familiar with all the game offers by reading through our review down below and decide if this game is the right option for you or not.

Monkey Warrior was crafted by Pragmatic Play, a newer software development company, but one that’s known for making iconic slot game creations. This game is no different than the others. It looks beautiful, shows off nice animations in the backdrop and puts together some of the nicest features to make for a really enjoyable wagering experience overall. Gamblers that enjoy modern slots will love the creations from Pragmatic Play.

Get to Know the Game with Demo Mode

For all the new slot gamblers out there just looking for their favorite games, this slot from Pragmatic Play comes with a Demo mode. That means it can be tested without spending real money on it. The game runs smoothly immediately and when opened it up it can be played with test credits that won’t actually cost the player anything at all. Load up the slot game and test out the different features that it has to get to know why some gamblers really love playing it.

An Asian Warrior Theme

This slot game has a warrior theme clearly and showcases a variety of fighting warriors, but also adds in some Asian-inspired designs to make things even more interesting. The lotus tree drops petals in the background of this slot game, and there are old scrolls, gilded golden items and more to look out for in this slot game. It’s a nice looking slot as a result, and showcases a very impressive theme overall.

A Video Slot Game

Monkey Warrior is a video slot game that’s fast-paced and features solid prize payouts. It’s highly volatile and offers some nice jackpot wins worth thousands of dollars. Lucky gamblers will cash in on the wilds and bonus symbols to really up their wins, but everyone should experience some degree of success while trying out this slot game. It isn’t a progressive jackpot slot game though, so you’ll always know just how much you stand to win while spinning the reels.

243 Ways to Win

There are no standard paylines in this slot game experience. Instead, players that spin the reels have 243 different ways to win as they play. They can get prize wins in different clusters on the reels. This simplifies the payout experience while giving players more opportunities to win. It also simplifies the wagering system so gamblers won’t have to decide how much to wager per payline.

A Decent Mix of Betting Options

When it comes time to wager in this slot game there are plenty of different options to work with. The betting works like the slot is set over 25 paylines, which means that the minimum wager that can be placed is $0.25 per spin. At the high end of this slot game the maximum wager is $125.00 per spin. Between these two extremes players have a lot of flexibility available to them. Wagers are adjusted by moving up and down the number of coins wagered per line and by adjusting the value of each of those coins between $0.01 and $0.50 each.

A Reasonable Paytable

Monkey Warrior offers plenty of winning opportunities to the gamblers that try it out. In this slot game it’s possible to win up to 20x the total wagered amount, which might not seem like too much but can be thousands of dollars with a large enough wager in position. There are other more modest prize payouts, including one worth more than 10x the wagered amount. Gamblers looking for the biggest wins can unlock them by playing through one round after another.

No Bonus Round Opportunities

There is a free spin bonus in Monkey Warrior, but that’s the only bonus round that players have to work for while going through spins on this slot game. That means that gamblers will have to stick with the base game for most of the time that they play. Fortunately, the base game offers some decent prize payouts making it worth trying out at least once.

Win More with Free Spins

Getting three of the Bonus symbols triggers a free spin bonus round with eight free spins. Within the free spin bonus round only the high-value symbols are on the reels and all the lower pay symbols disappear. Not only that, but getting three bonus symbols once again will result in an additional eight free spins and the bonus round can be re-triggered over and over again without a limit.

An Excellent RTP

Gamblers that are searching for a fair play experience will be delighted to see that the slot comes with an RTP of 96.5% overall. That means that players can run through round after round of the slot with a decent chance of getting good wins during that time. Of course, most players will lose more than they win, but some will come out ahead while playing this slot game.

Rating Monkey Warrior

Monkey Warrior gets a 4.2 out of 5.0 stars from us overall. The slot gets this rating because it looks nice and offers a good blend of features and prize payouts. The game could benefit from an additional bonus round and a higher fixed jackpot, but other than that it’s worth a playthrough or two and something that most gamblers should really take the time to test out.

Plenty of Winners

With three decent paying symbols as well as a free spin bonus round that offers lucrative payouts, there are plenty of winning opportunities and winners when it comes to Monkey Warrior the slot game. Gamblers can win thousands of dollars with each spin of the reels and they have lots of different perks to look forward to while playing through the rounds of this slot game. Interested gamblers should give the game a try, and with a bit of luck they might come away with a big win as a result.

Fun Play Option

There’s nothing like getting to know a new slot game in a low-pressure environment where there isn’t a risk of losing real money. That’s possible in Monkey Warrior the online slot game and it’s something that most gamblers can do easily as well. Players can load up the game in Demo mode to test it out and then switch to real money mode when they are ready to.

Real Money Play Ready

Even though it’s easy to test out this slot game using play money, that doesn’t mean it’s difficult to play with real money. Gamblers can get the game open and running with a real money deposit in just minutes. Most casinos make their registration process quick and easy, and once registered players can make an initial deposit and start playing the slot for real money just like that. It’s easy to go through these steps and after doing so it’s possible to play for real money prizes.

Designed for Mobile Play

Some slots work poorly on mobile devices with bad visibility or a lack of support for most devices. That’s not the case with Monkey Warrior. This slot was clearly designed with mobile players in mind and will work well on most mobile devices. Even players on smartphones can enjoy the different features that this slot game has to offer and they are encouraged to try the game out while away from home.

Overall we really like Monkey Warrior the slot game and highly recommend it to other gamblers. Sure, the game isn’t perfect and it could be improved in many ways, but it’s entertaining, potentially lucrative and highly entertaining.