Treasure Horse Slots

On the surface Treasure Horse looks like a pretty typical classic slot game, but this slot packs in plenty of different features that help to keep it interesting. We were drawn in by the simple layout of the slot and its nice graphics, but ended up experiencing much more than that during our time testing out this slot game. If you’re searching for a simple slot that has very few features, you won’t like Treasure Horse. If you’re looking for a fun and modern slot game with a good blend of action and simplicity, that’s where Treasure Horse begins to stand out. We had a good experience with the slot game during our time with it, and we outline what we like and don’t like about the game down below. Get more familiar with it using our review, or test the slot out for yourself.

Many Paylines

The first thing that you need to realize is that this slot game packs in a total of 18 paylines. It looks like a standard classic slot game, but it has many more lines than what you would expect to see on a traditional slot. With so many different lines you can put in place a decent range of wagers and you have an excellent chance of unlocking prize payouts each time that you play Treasure Horse.

Generous Wagering Options

There is a coin amount selector, and a coin value selector that determines just how much you can wager with every spin of the reels in Treasure Horse. With some basic setting adjustments you can go from a minimum wager amount of $0.01 per line for a total of $0.18 per spin, to a maximum of $5.00 per line for a maximum wager of $90.00 per spin. Adjust the settings up or down to get you to a comfortable level as you play this slot game for the best possible experience overall.

Decent Prizes

The biggest prize payout you can unlock during the standard rounds of this slot game are worth $2,000. This might not seem like that much, but that doesn’t take into account the multipliers that you can gain access to during the free spin bonus round. You can dramatically increase the total prize payout you can get from the slot game by making it to the bonus round and utilizing the different multipliers. This makes the slot much more interesting, and gives you a chance at some impressive prize payouts.

Multiplier Free Spins

Getting three of the golden horse symbols on the reels triggers the special free spin bonus round. During this round you get 8 free spins and a fourth reel appears next to the other standard reels. This is a powerful multiplier reel and has a bunch of different multipliers on it. During each of your free spins the multiplier reel will determine just how much of a prize payout you get after your spin. You can get huge boosts to your prize wins during the free spin rounds with some luck on your side. The free spin round triggers regularly and it offers a good enough payout to keep the game exciting while you are waiting for the next free spin win.

Treasure Horse is a pretty capable online slot game and doesn’t perform like the classic slot game that it looks like. From the moment you get started with Treasure Horse, you’ll have more wagering options and more winning opportunities than you get from a standard classic slot. You could come away with some pretty impressive prize payouts, and might even end up with a big win from this slot game.