The Champions Slots

The Champions is an exciting slot game based on Football, or Soccer for all the Americans reading this. The slot has you choose your favorite team, and then has you play through round after round of a very unique game. It incorporates specialized features that you won’t find in any other slot game, which is what makes this one so exciting to play. From the moment that you get started with the slot you’ll be trying to score goals and hoping that you get a round of penalty shots to work through for some truly stunning prize payouts.

Choose Your Team

The first step to playing the Champions is to choose a Soccer or Football team to begin playing. The team that you choose will determine different prizes that you get as well as the different features that you unlock throughout the slot game so choose wisely. The team that you choose will customize the look of the different symbols in the slot game, so you really have control over the appearance of the slot depending on what your preferences are.

Scoring Goals

There’s a very cool mechanic worked into the Champions where you try and score goals as you play through round after round. You have a target symbol that you can put anywhere you want on the reels. You do this by clicking the location where you want the symbol. With that symbol in position, you get a goal every time a ball shows up in that target. Score enough goals and you’ll unlock the special bonus multiplier for the next 10 spins of the slot.

Each time you score a goal you level up to the next level. So, for the first goal you’ll go to level 2 and enjoy a 2x multiplier. If you score another goal before your 10 spins run out you’ll move to level 3, get a 4x multiplier for another 10 spins. You can climb all the way up to a 20x multiplier in this slot game if you keep scoring goals one after another.

Penalty Shots bonus

There is also a penalty shots bonus game that you can trigger in The Champions by getting three or more of the symbols on the reels. Do that and you’ll be taken to a special bonus round where you are tasked with choosing penalty shot locations one after another. You get five shots, and you’ll get a prize payout between 5x and 100x depending on how successful you are with your shots.

The Champions is a unique slot game for a number of different reasons. The first is because it has you pick a team and then customizes the symbols based on that team selection. The second is because of the unique goal shooting feature, and the third is because of all the other special features like the Penalty Shots that keep things interesting and make the gameplay more advanced overall. For these reasons it’s worth playing the slot and you could win a sizeable prize from the game too with enough luck on your side and a large enough wager set in place.