Big Bang Buckaroo Slots

Big Bang Buckaroo is a unique classic slot experience that is themed after a robot cowboy. This classic slot has many elements that you don’t expect from the genre, which is what keeps things so interesting. We love the look of the slot and the theme of the game itself, but it’s the features that really draw us in. Keep reading to learn why Big Bang Buckaroo stands out.

Multiple Paylines

In Big Bang Buckaroo there are 5 different paylines as well as the option to wager between 1 and 3 coins per line. That means it’s possible to wager as few as 1 coin per spin, and as much as 15 coins per spin. With a $5.00 max coin value, the maximum bet achievable is $75.00, creating the opportunity for some pretty impressive bets overall.

Pretty Standard Symbols

All the symbols in this slot game have a bold look to them, and they’re slightly customized, but overall you get all the standard classic slot symbols. There are BAR symbols, 7’s and a combination of the different BAR symbols. The only two unique symbols are the badges and the cowboy symbols.

Always Wager 3 Coins

One important detail that we picked out from this slot game is that it’s best to wager with three coins per line at all times when playing. That’s because the Robot Cowboy symbol pays out most generously with this setup. While 1 coin gets you 400 coins with three of the Robot Cowboys, and two coins gets you 800 coins, three coins gets you 1,500 coins, which is 500 coins per coin wagered instead of 400 coins. If you ever win the top jackpot, you’re cheating yourself if you don’t wager 3 coins per line when doing so.

Standard Classic Play

Big Bang Buckaroo is a pretty ordinary classic slot game other than the fact that it has four paylines. The only added feature that comes with this slot is a wild and that’s the Robot Cowboy. This symbol will help you complete additional prizes when it shows up with other unrelated symbols, and will ensure that you win more often overall.

Big Bang Buckaroo is a lovely looking slot game that makes it clear exactly how to win from the paytable to the left. This game is simple to play through and it comes with features like auto spin and bet max, allowing you to get into the action faster. If you like the theme of the game, you’ll enjoy playing it as long as you don’t mind classic slot games.