Sugar Pop 2: Double Dipped Slots

Sugar Pop 2 Double Dipped is an exciting sequel to the candy-filled slot game. This slot features the same dynamic look and feel, filled with bright colored candy symbols and plenty of unique power ups and special features. As you play through the rounds of this slot game you’ll quickly start working toward some impressive prizes and cool features that make the game more exciting overall.

Drop Down Symbols

Unlocking prize winning combinations is met with unique animations and symbols that drop out in Sugar Pop 2 Double Dipped. This opens up the possibility for prize combinations and exciting chain wins while playing this slot game online. Gamblers looking for a more exciting slot experience will enjoy the unique cascading symbol feature that’s not on many other slot games online today.

Excellent Betting Options

There’s a good range of betting options in this online slot game, giving low stakes and high stakes players plenty to work with. With a total of 50 paylines that are always active, the minimum bet allowable on this slot is $0.50 and the maximum bet is a stunning $150.00 per spin. Players are free to pick and choose an amount anywhere within that range to give them a comfortable bet amount to play with. Different players will want to gamble at different levels, so it’s important to choose an amount that’s comfortable for you.

Free Spins

It’s possible to win free spins while playing through the rounds of Sugar Pop 2 Double Dipped. Doing so is a simple as getting a set of FS symbols out on the reels. These symbols will unlock a range of free spins, giving you an opportunity to win big without spending your casino balance to do so.

Watch for the Hammer and Fizzy Pop Logo

There are two very unique symbols in this slot game to keep an eye out for while playing through the rounds. The first is the Fizzy Pop logo, and the second is a hammer symbol. The logo will burst apart and break symbols all around it, opening up space for new winning symbols to show up. The hammer symbol will smash apart symbols and create gaps to be filled in as well. These two symbols make the slot game more dynamic and help keep things interesting as you go through the rounds of the game.

Sugar Pop 2 Double Dipped is an exciting and dynamic slot game with a lot to offer. Symbols are constantly breaking apart and being replaced with others as you try and work toward the best possible win that you can get with this slot game. Play through a few rounds of the slot and you’ll quickly get attached to all that it has to offer you.