Aztec Gems Slots

Aztec Gems is a pretty cool online slot game with a very modern look, but more of a classic slot design. This slot game limits players to just three reels at one time and no special bonus features on the symbols themselves. It does throw in a few unique features to mix things up though, and that’s what makes this classic slot game worth taking a look at. Classic slot players will enjoy the way the game works, but even some video slot players will be taken in by what Aztec Gems has to offer them.

A Unique Reel Layout

Aztec Gems is a unique slot game that stands out thanks to its interesting layout. While the game sticks to a pretty old-school classic slot layout of just 3x3 symbols on the reels, there is a special multiplier reel next to the other three that can help improve the size of reward payouts. The multiplier goes as high as 15x the win amount, leading to some very exciting prize payouts if you’re lucky enough to win while it’s on the multiplier reel. With that special reel in place, chances are good that most of your wins are going to be multiplied at least a little.

Stacked Symbols

Aztec Gems comes with stacked symbols to really up the excitement of playing the slot game. While wins don’t occur every single time that you spin the reels, when the wins do occur they are usually a good combination of symbols that pays out multiple prizes at once. This makes the game particularly rewarding and leads to some impressive wins that seem too big to go along with the more modest prizes paid out by Aztec Gems normally.

Simple and Easy

Gamblers that are looking for a classic slot experience will love what Aztec Gems has to offer. That’s because the slot game keeps things very simple, while still squeezing in a couple exciting features. For the most part you get a classic slot experience, with just three reels of symbols to try and win on. The symbols don’t include many special features, other than the occasional wild, but since they are stacked and they have the special multiplier bonus off to the side, there are still chances to win really big while playing along. New gamblers shouldn’t have any trouble understanding how this slot game works, but experience gamblers will still find joy in the novel layout and the cool prize setup that keeps things interesting as you play along through the various rounds.

By mixing simple elements with complex features Aztec Gems keeps things very interesting for everyone. Fans of classic slots will love what the game has to offer, and more long term slot players will enjoy the novelty of the multiplier reel and the stacked symbols.