Fire 88 Slots

Fire88 is a unique Chinese themed slot game that blends the simple appearance of a classic slot, with exciting modern day video slot functionality. In the end you get a very interesting online slot game that we were absolutely dying to review. Keep reading and learn all about this interesting and unique slot game.


While it’s tough to see in the beginning, there are actually 7 paylines overall in Fire88 and you must wager on every single one of them the entire time that you play this slot game. There are two different values that you can change to determine what your overall wager amount is for though, and that’s the number of coins wagered per payline, and the value of each of those coins. It’s possible to wager between 1 and 10 coins per line, for between 7 and 70 active coins per turn. Coins can be valued at a minimum of $0.01 and a maximum of $0.50 apiece. That gives you a wagering range of $0.07 per spin and $35.00 per spin.

While deciding on a wager amount to go with in Fire88, it’s important that you realize the larger your wager, the higher the standard payouts of the game are, as well as the fixed jackpot payouts. There are three different jackpots in this slot game, the mini, the major and the Grand. At the high end of the betting range all the jackpots are worth more than $1,000 and the Grand jackpot is worth more than $30,000. At the low end none of the jackpots are worth more than $100, and the grand is worth around $60. Choose a bet that you’re comfortable with, but know that low bets will really limit the prizes you can win as well.

The Wild Dragon

The Dragon Head is the wild in Fire88 and will substitute for all other symbols in the game. These symbols show up frequently and help to create some valuable combinations for you. These wilds are also special because they can trigger a special re-spin feature in Fire88. When you get two of the wilds out on your reels, there’s an auto re-spin feature that will hold them in place and spin the remaining reel to try and get you an additional wild and a very large win.

The Jackpot Bonus Game

In Fire88 the biggest wins come from the jackpots. There are three jackpots, the Mini, the Major and the Grand. Each of them can be very valuable, especially if you are wagering a higher amount of money while playing. To have a chance at these jackpots you must spin three of the Jackpot symbols. Do that and you’ll be taken to the bonus jackpot game. During the bonus game you’ll be tasked with choosing from the many golden disc symbols. Behind each disc there is a symbol for one of the three jackpots. Get three matching jackpot symbols and unlock that corresponding jackpot for a nice win.

Fire88 is a pretty cool classic slot game because it comes with so many modern features. Sure it has minimal reels and limits bets to a relatively low amount even at the high end, but there is a lot going on in this slot game and we recommend it to gamblers that aren’t afraid to play around with new features. Give this slot game a try and you might just end up loving it.