Joker’s Jewels Slots

Joker’s Jewels isn’t the most original online slot game that you can play today, but it’s designed to be aesthetically pleasing and to offer a good set of prize opportunities to appeal to most gamblers. This simple online slot game looks like a lot of fun and shows off some very nice cartoony symbols, which is why we decided to try it out. Below is what we experienced with the slot game.

A Wealth of Gambling Options

This slot game has just 5 paylines, but you can wager up to 50 coins at a time with 10 coins on each line. That gives you a whole lot of wagering diversity and makes it possible to place large and small wagers depending on what you are interested in risking. You can risk as little as $0.01 and as much as $25.00 per spin by setting the number of coins and the coin value with care.

Win Big

It’s possible to win as much as $25,000 with a top symbol combination in Joker’s Jewels if you get five of the Jester symbols while risking the maximum of $25.00 per spin. While this isn’t the biggest win that you can get from an online slot game, it’s simple to unlock and there are plenty of other lucrative prizes to shoot for as well. While playing this slot game you can unlock several other prizes worth between $6,250 and $1,000 per spin depending on the symbol combination. With so many high paying prizes there are plenty of symbols to try and get with each spin that you complete.

Simple Mechanics

One of the key strengths of Joker’s Jewels is its simplicity. This slot game will have you spinning its reels in hopes of unlocking decent prize payouts, but that’s all you have to do. There aren’t any wilds, no special symbols, no free spin rounds, no bonus games. It’s very simple and straightforward. This slot game is known as a medium variance game and offers mid-sized wins once and awhile. If you want a slot that you can just sit down and start spinning without thinking too much, Joker’s Jewels is the game to play.

Using Autoplay

Gamblers interested in playing for a long time without spinning the reels over and over again will enjoy the autoplay feature built into Joker’s Jewels. This feature gives you between 10 and 100 automatic spins and you can set it to deactivate during certain conditions and when you win a specific amount of money as well.

As long as you aren’t hoping for massive prize payouts, and you don’t want a bunch of different features to keep you busy while playing, Joker’s Jewels can be a lot of fun. This simple online slot game is easy to play through, it has some good solid payouts and is pretty nice looking overall. Just start spinning the reels and going for one of the prize payouts available. There is an autoplay feature to help you go through more rounds without having to spin the reels yourself as well which is a nice feature to have.