Fairytale Fortune Slots

Fairytale Fortune is a complex online video slot game that is set up to be like any other fairytale you might be familiar with. There are mythical beasts like dragons and unicorns, along with a brave night, flowers and plenty of other rare symbols. The slot game itself seems simple at first glance, but there’s a lot going on under the surface. Read on to learn why this is a slot that we regularly recommend to gamblers and whether or not it’s the slot for you.

Stacked Wilds

Fairytale Fortune makes it easier than ever for players to win combinations of prizes with its stacked wilds. Each time wilds fall to the reels they are stacked on top of one another. That means you are more likely to win multiple prizes at a time, and wilds show up on the reels it’s likely that at least one win is on the way as well.

The Special Bonus Feature

Fairytale Fortune is well-known because of its special bonus feature. To trigger this feature you must get three diamond symbols across the reels. They only show on reels 1, 3 and 5, and you must get them all at the same time to win. When you do, you’ll trigger one of four different bonus games. Each of these games offers something special and unique and they are all very different. Below are all four of the different bonuses.

Wheel of Fortune

The first feature is the Wheel of Fortune. This feature gives gamblers a single spin to try to win between 5x and 50x the total bet amount, and there is a small chance that gamblers will get the 50x + 1 spin bonus that will let you spin the wheel once again. All the prizes are paid out as soon as the player runs out of spins.

Super Wilds Free Spins

This bonus game gives players 10 free spins and one super spin. During the free spins players have a chance of winning prizes, and any Fairytale Fortune wilds that show up are collected after creating prizes and stored for later. When the one super spin comes up, any collected wilds are spit back out onto the reels to create the opportunity for a really huge win.

Raining Wilds

This bonus feature offers 10 free spins where between 3 and 10 random wilds are added to the reels for each and every spin. This gives players a very good chance of winning prizes with each spin of the reels and can add up to some serious cash prizes in the end.

Progressive Free Spins

This bonus round offers 20 free spins where special flowers are collected off the reels for points. Each flower is worth a single point. The free spin rounds start with stacked wilds on reel 1, and reaching 5 points adds stacked wilds on reel 2, hitting 10 points gives you wilds on reel 3, 15 points adds them to reel 4, and hitting 20 points will put wilds over the entire slot game for massive wins.

Gambling the Winnings

Fairytale Fortune comes with a powerful gambling feature that lets players try for between 2x and 5x the total amount in winnings. To do so, just press the gamble button after any win and select between 2x and 5x. 2x gambling has the player pick from the two objects, one is a loser and one is a winner. 3x has three objects with just one winner, 5x has 5 objects with just one winner. If you’re looking for a simple way to increase your winnings, the gamble feature is a quick and easy way to do that.

Fairytale Fortune is a fun fantasy themed slot game with excellent bonus features. The bonus games are what most gamblers are interested in when they give this slot a try, and after looking through all the different special bonuses available it’s easy to see why. Even without the bonus features there are plenty of ways to win in this slot, and it’s a highly recommended option for any of our readers.