Tiger's Claw Slots

Tiger's Claw is a new slot game from BetSoft and it's a beautiful offering that you have to see to believe. If you decide to try the slot out you'll be taken in by all the beautiful animals, the mystical backdrop and the display of natural beauty. The game offers huge winning opportunities, but it's also a relaxing experience that's worth trying even if you aren't using real money to play it.

720 Ways to Win

From the moment you begin playing Tiger's Claw you have 720 different ways to win every spin. That means you have lots of chances at unlocking seriously good prizes. This slot pays out prizes frequently and you should expect to have a shot at some nice prizes every time you spin. That's why you should go through one round after another with confidence, because you never know what sort of prizes you'll uncover.

The Unique Reel

The very first thing that we noticed about this slot is its reel. It only have 5 spots on the center reel, the next reels out have four spots and the outside two reels have just three spots. This gives the game a very unique look and also change up the traditional paylines a bit as well as you play. Ultimately it means that the outside reels are important and that the symbols you get there will be used on many different paylines for many changes to win.

Double a Win

Once you unlock any sort of prize payout in Tiger's Claw you can try and double that win with the "Double Up" feature. This simple feature has you flip a coin and try to guess whether it will land on heads or tails. Guess right and you win and double your money, guess wrong and it's all gone. If you guess right the first time you can continue to play and try to double your money again and again. Just be careful how many times you play because you always have a chance that you'll lose it all.

Massive Free Spin Potential

Get one of the glowing orb symbols on each of the five reels and you'll trigger the free spin round. Every time you get a combination of 5 of the orb symbols you'll get additional free spin for up to 98 possible free spins rewarded in just a single spin. During the free spin game it's possible to re-trigger additional spins and get up to 240 free spins before you end the free spin bonus round. With so many potential free spins on offer it's possible to win some massive prizes with free spins in this slot game.

Watch for a Shaman Scatter

The shaman symbol is a powerful scatter that pays out as long as you get three or more of them on the reels. Three will double your total wager amount. Four of them will give you 10 times your wager amount and five will give you 50 times your full wager amount for some decent payouts. The scatter does not trigger any bonuses in this slot.

Tiger's Claw is a cool looking slot game and it offers some exceptional prize payouts with enough luck. If you don't mind playing through a game that has a unique look to it you'll really enjoy the slot and the way that it plays over time.