Reels of Wealth Slots

Reels of Wealth is a top-rated slot game from BetSoft that’s being played heavily today. This online slot features a set of glowing symbols and cool animations that really bring the game to life. The game shows off a series of symbols that all have to do with becoming wealthy, but the best part of the game is all the different features that it offers to players testing it out. We were thrilled with all the different features we found out about and wanted to keep playing this slot again and again to try and trigger them all.

Wagering Options

From the moment that you start playing Reels of Wealth you need to think about your wagering options and which are going to work best for you. There are 10 paylines that are always on, but you still get a lot of options to work with to help you set a wager amount that you are comfortable with. You can bet between 1 and 10 coins per each of the paylines that you have active, letting you wager between 10 and 100 coins overall. You can also choose the value of your coins from a minimal $0.01 per coin up to an impressive $1.00 per coin. This means you can wager between $0.10 and $100.00 per spin depending on the settings you configure. It’s best to go with as many coins per line as you can, even if you have to lower your coin value a bit to do so. This gives you the maximum payout for each win that you get from the slot.

Rolling Wins

Our favorite feature of Reels of Wealth was by far Rolling Wins. This cool feature rewards you for winning prizes from the slot game. That’s right, when you’re doing good with this slot the game will help you do even better! When you get a win in the slot, the game will reward you with an additional free spin. If you get a win again you’ll get another free spin. this cycle continues until you stop getting wins from the slot. This feature will help you chain together wins more frequently and can result in some pretty impressive payouts with enough luck.

Cool Multiplier Wilds

There are blue and gold wilds on reels 2 and 4 in this slot. These wilds show up once and awhile to help you complete some prize payouts, but they are more than just standard wilds, they are also multipliers. The symbols each have a 2x by them and will actually double the prizes that they help create. If you get a single wild you’ll enjoy a double payout. IF you get two wilds you’ll enjoy a seriously good 4x payout.

Powerful Scatters

Scatters in Reels of Wealth are exceptional because they can come stacked. That means that you can potentially get up to 15 scatters all in one turn if you are lucky enough stacked scatters. The scatters payout for one up to 15 at a time. The payouts range from 1x your wager amount, up to 2000x your wager amount for stunning prize payouts as large as $200,000. Scatters also award you with a free spin just like any other win in the game.

Massive MegaStar Jackpots

This slot game also incorporates huge MegaStar progressive jackpots into the mix that you have a chance to unlock. These jackpots are all in the tens of thousands of dollars and they can be triggered during the MegaStar feature of this slot game. Activate the feature and you could be looking at tens of thousands in prize payouts.

With so many different features on offer, it’s hard not to like what Reels of Wealth has to offer. This unique slot game looks nice and it packs in so much goodness that you’ll always have something to look forward to when you start a session of this online slot game. There are some truly massive prize payouts, and thanks to the progressive jackpots you don’t even need to bet a fortune in order to unlock them.