Wild Gladiators Slots

Fight with your spins in the ancient Roman Colosseum of Wild Gladiators Slots. This video slot title has 25 paylines, on which you will place your reel attribute combinations, and it has a setup of five reels with three rows. Additionally, this game also has a spectacular extra win multiplier slot reel that can help you to obtain some really amazing profits. Furthermore, exciting scatter and wild features will make it even more exciting to spin the reels of this online slot machine game from Pragmatic Play.

Symbols that are present in the slot reel arena

In the ancient days, the emperor would have the final decision over a gladiator's life when a fight was finished. With his thumb, he would give the sign of life or death. Luckily, in these modern days, that will not happen anymore. When you play Wild Gladiators Slots, the emperor will only play an important role when it comes to handing out big profits. He is the emperor, and that why he has the authority to give away the biggest reward when he is spun five times in a combination. That top reward is a 400 times the wager per winline multiplier, and that is a brave gladiator worthy price.

But if you are such a gladiator, then you might also like to enjoy the presence of the beautiful princess on the reels. Spin her five times and she rewards you with a lovely line bet multiplier reward of 250. Furthermore, the lion might be the king of the animal world, but the magnificent tiger is quite possibly the emperor. It is therefore no surprise that this big cat walks among human emperors in the arena and fights the bravest gladiators. Don't be afraid of it though, because you want it to appear in the arena as it can give away a maximum line bet multiplier reward of 200.

And while you battle for profits in the arena, you might want to spin some extra powerful items on the reels so that you have a good chance of walking out of it as the winner. The chariot with its top multiplier reward of 150 and the Roman shield with its top multiplier of 100 are ideal symbols to land on the reels during a gladiator spinning battle. The remaining reel symbols are those of card games. The highest paying one is the A, and from there on it goes down to K, Q, J and 10.

The Mighty Colosseum will reward you free spins

The picture of a golden Colosseum is the game's scatter icon. With the help of this scatter, you are able to trigger free games. The rule is that you need to place three Colosseum scatter symbols at any spot that is positioned on the reel numbers one, three and five. The complimentary spins round then starts, and it will reward you with ten free spins. Make extra profits with these spins and add them to your payline gains.

In theory, you can play in the free games round indefinitely, because you are able to activate additional complimentary spins when it is active. There is no limit to this re-spinning feature, so you can participate in a lot of extra games without having to place a wager. Additionally, you can also trigger amazing wild benefits when you are playing with free spins.

The gladiator wild is a strong fighter in the slot reel arena

There is extra powerful icon in this game and it is called the super wild symbol. Amazing things will happen when that reel attribute lands on the sixth slot machine reel, because it will then trigger the super wild bonus. When this bonus becomes active, you will see that each of the regular five reels will be enriched with a wild attribute that lands on a random row.

This can turn out to be a very beneficial bonus feature if you are on the lucky side of the coin, because even more good things happen when one of these wilds hits a reel position in the center. If that happens, then the wild will expand itself and take over the complete reel. This expanding event is able to take place during the regular game, the super wild feature and the free spins bonus.

Another great thing is able to happen when you play with the dangerously good wild icon. Align it five times on a center row, and attach that combination to the ten times multiplier logo from the sixth reel. Then watch with joy how your win will go through the roof. An incredible prize of 100.000 times the wager per payline is then being rewarded, and that is of course the ultimate honor for a brave and strong slot reel fighter.

You can recognize the wild by its depiction of a gladiator. That gladiator is a very strong fighter, because it does not only have special feature triggering abilities, but it can also overpower other symbols and replace them in combinations. The only symbol that it cannot take over is the Colosseum scatter icon. Lastly, you can also leave the arena with a 400 times bet per payline multiplier prize if you spin five wilds in a combination that does not land on the row in the center of the reels.

Battle for profits in the Wild Gladiators Slots Arena

It is time to battle it out in the slot arena. Luckily, instead of fighting for your life, you will actually battle for great cash profits. So draw your wallet instead of your sword and bravely start to place those wagers, because they have a real powerful effect in this game. If you manage to keep your head in the arena, then you will claim the honor and that honor will bring along many great profits. This slot title can be found and played in casinos that have Pragmatic Play games on offer.