Boom Bucks Slots

Boom Bucks is a unique classic slot game that incorporates some exciting, yet confusing features into the game. unlike many other classic slot games, you aren’t going to understand this one the moment that you start playing. That’s why we recommend this slot for more advanced gamblers first and another simpler classic slot for the absolute beginner. With that said, there are some excellent payout opportunities available from this slot and we had a lot of fun testing it out.


Wagering couldn’t be simpler when playing Boom Bucks, you basically have two options. You either spend $4.00 per spin, or you spend $8.00 per spin. If you are a low stakes player these amounts might be too high for you, but for many gamblers it’s a comfortable level to be wagering at. The wager amount that you choose determines whether you are using the blue or red sections of the special wheel that spins to give you additional prizes.

Wagering for Bigger Wins

The paytable has a blue section and a red section to let you know what sort of wins you can expect from the standard portion of this slot game. If you spend the money to wager in the red section you’ll get the double prize payouts shown on that portion of the pay table, if you don’t want to spend that extra money you’ll stay over on the left side with the lower prize payouts. That’s not the exciting part of this slot though, the fun part is the wheel and the prizes that can be won from over there.

Winning on the Wheel

A big part of the appeal of Boom Bucks is the special prize wheel that spins after each turn. This special wheel will give you a chance at a bunch of prizes worth as much as $40 each. To get the prizes you simply need the wheel to stop at them and they will be added to your boom bucks. When that happens you can collect your winnings and enjoy a much more significant winning round from the slot game.

Boom Bucks is a bit confusing and it has a lot going on as well. That doesn’t mean it’s a bad slot machine to play though. It just means that it takes a bit of getting used to. If you are new to online gambling you might want to skip this slot for something easier. If you don’t mind a bit of a challenge and you are looking for a game with decent payouts, this one can be a lot of fun once you get used to how it works.