Golden Gorilla Slots

When the golden gorilla comes around the board, you can be sure that he is there to provide you with everything that your heart desires. Just put your money down on the table and you're off to having the best day ever. Of course, you need to watch for the right symbols come reeling around the board, since not all of them are going to pay out a decent amount. Only the ones that are specially made are going to give you the cash in hand that you want and need when the time comes to take advantage of the gorilla and all of his many friends. If you're ready, come with us and learn a bit more about this majestical creature that lives in the jungle.

You can take many steps and choose to move ahead with all that is out there. With this 5 reel, 50 payline slot machine, you can be sure you're set to having the best time that you can have. With so many symbols that welcome you to the slots, there is not much else you have to worry about when the time comes. You know you are covered and can get the extras in mind that you need. Just take the next step and feel good about the choice you made to go with the gorillas, the monkeys and all of the other animals waiting for you in the wild.

How Does it Feel to Play?

When you're in the middle of the jungle, you want to make sure that it feels good to play and spin the reels. This is what everyone wants when they are playing a game that brings more excitement with it. You don't have to worry about not being able to have the right method of playing, or the right sounds and graphics. Everything is right there in front of you to take advantage of. They have you covered. Of course, the sounds, the sights, they're great and you will feel like you're in the middle of the casino playing the night away, even if you're right at your own home having a good time.

Learn More About Those Symbols

With so many symbols out there, you want to be sure that you know what to expect with each of them. This is going to be a good thing when you go to play and get the right symbols that pay out the higher amounts in the end. Without the right symbols in order, even within the jungle, you're going to find that they do not pay out enough which is a bad thing. You want to make sure that they pay a good amount and that you feel comfortable working with them in the end. It can be that easy to work with the symbols that provide you with peace of mind, unlike any other out there that is able to do this and more. You have the ability to learn what these symbols are then try to land on them when you spin the reels.

As if you'd expect anything else, the gorilla is the wild in the game and he is able to replace any of the symbols that come reeling around the board. The scatter symbol in this game is the totem and it is able to bring with it a decent amount of pay which is why so many want to land on it when it comes to getting a decent winning. The twist with this game is that there is also a bonus symbol that also pays well and provides more extras when you're spinning the reels, which is the dinosaur. This guy is going to make sure to pay out big when the time comes to line them up and cash them out.

Bonuses, Extras and So Many More Gorillas

Just land on the wild and it can expand to the others which then opens up a multiplier game to work with, which is always an ideal way to go. Win extra cash and come out stronger because of it. Extra spins are also awarded in the game when you land on the scatter multiplying winner. They provide not only free spins, but also multipliers on all of the winnings you land on while playing with the free spins. This is a great thing to think about when it comes to the symbols and the many extras that are out there. You will be able to grab some extra cash because of them.

There is a lot happening on the board when it comes to the gorillas and all those things that get spun around and around. You don't have to miss out on them when it comes to getting the most from the game. Take a second to look at all that is out there and feel good about the choice you made to play with the gorillas. They are smart creatures and they will welcome you to their layer as long as you are not a threat. You're just there to line up the symbols, cash out on the extras and feel good about your playing.