Douguie's Delights Slots

Let the American dream come to life on your game screen when you Play Douguie's Delights Slots from casino entertainment software developer Pragmatic Play. This American culture themed slot machine is bursting with typical elements from the USA. Pay tribute to these elements on the reels, and your loyalty for the greatest nation on the world might soon be rewarded with handsome cash prizes.

Spin Symbols That Proudly Represent the American Culture

The symbols in this game are known to everyone who has a warm heart for the United States and its culture. These attributes are divided into high paying ones that represent famous American sports, and lower paying ones that represent famous USA snacks.

The highest paying symbol is the baseball bat with the stack of baseballs. It hands out 1000 credits if you spin it 5 times on the reels. The second highest paying icon is the American football with the helmet. This attribute gives you 500 credits if you place it 5 times on the slot reels. The third American sports themed item is the basketball with the basketball shoe, and it will give a total of 200 credits for 5 simultaneous reel hits. The tasty looking hamburger also gives you 200 credits for 5 hits, while the pizza slice and the hotdog are good for a maximum reward of 150 credits. Lastly, the popcorn bag and the cup of soda offer 100 credits if you spin them 5 times.

Additionally, if you are a true American patriot, then you will also have to be on the lookout for the bald eagle scatter, the Lady Liberty bonus icon and the Old Glory United States flag. These symbols are proud representatives of the American culture, and they will hand out special gifts if you pay tribute to them on the slot machine reels.

The Bald Eagle Scatter Is a Symbol of Freedom and Free Spins

The famous bald eagle is your scatter in this slot machine game. It triggers free spins rounds when you place it on reels one and five. The maximum free spins reward is five. Keep in mind that you can claim these complimentary spins at the same time that you trigger bonus rounds.

Lady Liberty Leads the Way Towards Bonus Points

Let the statue of Lady Liberty lead you to the special bonus points when you spin her on reels two, three and four. If she's in a very generous mood, she will give you the maximum number of 20 bonus credits.

Wave the Patriotic Wild on the Reels

Pragmatic Play could not have chosen a more patriotic wild symbol for Douguie's Delights Slots than the United States flag, which is addressed by its nickname, Old Glory, in this game. As a wild, it will be able to replace other reel symbols that do not help you towards successful wining combinations. Bonus icons and scatters are the only symbols it cannot replace.

Pledge Allegiance to Douguie's Delights Slots

It truly is a patriot's paradise in Douguie's Delights Slots from Pragmatic Play, so pledge Allegiance to the flag and have your taste of the success, freedom and wealth that form the American dream. The software developer lets you test this game for free on its company website. However, if you believe you can use some extra motivation, thrills and fun in the form of real coin spins, then there are plenty of online casino platforms that let you play this game for money on their website.