Cool Stone Age Slots

Cool Stone Age Slots is a very joyful and cartoonish slot title that is plain old fun, very old fun that is, because it will take you all the way back to the Stone Age. Things were different during that wild period in time, but also quite familiar, as you will notice when you play this very entertaining slot creation from Pragmatic casino game software developer Pragmatic Play.

What to Expect From this slot machine game

The Cool Stone Age Slots game screen is brimming with funny details that transport you right back to the wild era of dinosaurs and caveman. This might have been a time that lacked our modern technologies and conveniences, but when you look at the lifes of the characters in this game, it becomes clear that the caveman already had their own versions of our modern day inventions and professions.

The result is a Flintstones type of theme that hosts funny, unique and witty symbols like for example a Stone Age scientist, stone shoes, the first stone television, a Stone Age laptop with a display that shows caveman drawings, a Stone Age cellphone, a water spraying brown brontosaurus wild, a stone scatter cottage and the stone wheeled bonus car.

Thus, the caveman and woman in this game enjoy all the "modern" pleasures of live, while they simultaneously live in a time that is far less complex. Now you get to enjoy their world as well, and you will also enjoy the pleasures of winning cash prizes when you spin the 5 reels, and make profitable symbol combinations with 20 available win lines.

Besides the wild, scatter and bonus icons, you should especially aim to get the bearded scientists on the reels in a quantity of 5, because then you will receive the highest normal symbol payout of no less than 10000 credits. The first television symbol hands out the lowest payout. You will get only 30 casino credits for 5 stone televisions on the reels.

Use the Wild Water Spewing Brown Brontosaurus to Replace Unwanted Symbols

In this online slot machine game, the helpful wild icon is a water spewing brown brontosaurus who is happily taking a bath. Use this brontosaurus wild as a substitute to replace other game attributes that you do not need, in order to make your winning symbol combinations complete.

Spin Scatter Cottages to Earn Free Spins

Free spins are being handed out when you manage to spin a minimum of three stone cave man cottages on the slot reels. It does not matter on which reel or position you place these cottages. In total you can receive 20 complimentary spins during this feature. In order to do so, you need to spin 5 stone houses. Additionly, 4 of them are good for 10 free spins, and 3 of them grant you a gift of 5 extra spins.

Cruise to Extra Rewards in the Bonus Round

Comfortably cruise to lucrative bonus point rewards when you hit at least three Stone Age automobiles on the slot machine reels. It does not matter where on the reels you will place them, as long as it is on an activated win line. The total amount of extra points that you can claim during the bonus round is 7380.

Crawl Into Your Cave to Play Cool Stone Age Slots

Crawl into your cave for a while to enjoy yourself with a pleasant and lucrative slot game title like Cool Stone Age Slots. This ancient yet modern game will royally turn you spins into lucrative cash wins. All in all, it is a very cool slot game creation, so go ahead and wager your bucks at it in a Pragmatic Play supported casino platform or choose to play it for free on various casino game review websites.