Glorious Rome Slots

Some online slot machine titles manage to attract players with unique and high quality game elements. Glorious Rome Slots, from software developer Pragmatic Play, will lure you into an unforgettable gambling adventure via the use of great graphics and a historic theme that appeals to the imagination.

This is an alluring slot title that successfully manages to blend a historic and beloved theme with a modern day game play experience that allows you to freely customize slot reel spins. So take a step back in time to marvel at the beauty and splendor of the eternal city in Glorious Rome Slots.

A Fortune Enhancing Design and Elegant Game Play Features

Glorious Rome Slots is a game that boasts five reels and a fixed pay line structure. Its theme takes you to ancient Rome, so you will see a game screen that displays elements from that city and its culture. On the left of your screen, you will see an elegant statue of Feronia, and there is a statue of Fortuna on the right side of the slot reels.

These ancient Roman gods are not only at the sides of your screen, but they are also at your side. The Romans associated Feronia with abundance, health, fertility and wildlife, while Fortuna was the goddess of fortune who could bless you with luck. Those are two goddesses you definitely like to have on your side during slot reel spinning sessions.

Classic Roman Themed Symbols That Take You Back in Time

Quadriga icon is the symbol you especially need to pay attention to in this game. Uniquely, this Roman chariot appears both as the wild attribute (gold colored) and the scatter icon (silver colored). As a wild, it will be able to replace unwanted symbols in order for you to form a winning combination. The wild icon can also appear on the reels in the form of a lion's head.

A minimum of three Quadriga symbols on the slot reels, grants you access to the special Jupiter's gift round. In this round you can win a generous amount of free spins that is potentially unlimited.

Furthermore, you can of course also spin other Roman themed symbols on the reels. These icons are divided into the low paying symbols and the more generous "royal" logos. Lower paying icons are the bag of gold, the silver goblet, the manuscript, the horn and the green grapes. Higher paying attributes are the Roman woman, the centurion, the gladiator and the ruling emperor.

Will the Eternal City Make You Perpetually Rich

Glorious Rome Slots mixes some fresh game play elements with a classic and entertaining slot title theme. It flourishes because of its elegant design, its generous cash win opportunities and the easy to understand game play.

All in all, it offers you a lot of fun and hopefully also a lot of coins. The game gives you the opportunity to freely explore all of its perks and pleasures via the fun play mode. However, if you want to dive right into the money making action, then that is of course also possible at Pragmatic Play powered gambling platforms like for example Spartan Slots Mobile Casino.