Scruffy Scallywags Slots

Who is in for a scruffy spinning session on yet another online casino slot machine that focuses on the unbeatable and highly popular pirate theme? Both developers and players never seem to get bored with this slot title genre. The fact that these kind of slots keep being released on a regular basis must mean that slot fans really love to play them.

There is now such an abundance of these games that you could easily create a casino website that only provides pirate slots. This might seem like an overkill, but then again, if you are a fan of the genre, then chances are that you cannot get enough of these slots, and like to play as much different variations as possible.

When it comes to variations in pirate themed slot titles, developers often go in two different directions. Serious gamers are being catered with pirate slots that are very realistic, and those who like their games a bit more light-hearted and goofy find satisfaction with over the top, cartoonish versions that do not shy away from using every stereotype in the book. One look at the all new Scruffy Scallywags Slots immediately shows you that its developer Habanero has opted for the latter option. This game provides a dose of humorous slot game entertainment while you sail the five reels in search for legendary piles of booty.

Take the Wheel and Steer Yourself Towards Profits

When you open this game in a Habanero powered casino, you know immediately what you can expect. You will step on board of a pirate vessel where you will take control of the ship and the reels. Use the control button board to steer yourself towards profits and have a great deal of fun in the meantime.

Rewarding sums of booty await you, and they can become especially interesting when you wager with the highest amount of credits, which is 1.500 in this game. So if you like to place the stakes high, then you don't have to skip this slot title during your quest for the best profits. On the background screen you will see land, but the spinning action takes place on board of the ship. Golden doubloons are scattered all over the pirate vessel, and a flag with the typical skull print on it lets other vessels know that a bunch of pirates are coming for their booty. More typical pirate elements can be seen on the five reel frame with its three rows. On this frame you can spin familiar icons like for example the cannon, the treasure chest and a bunch of funny looking pirates.

Besides the regular, non-feature icons, you can also spin a couple of symbols on the reels that are going to give you extra benefits. For example, there are two wild icons in this game that can act as a substitute for any reel attribute that is not an extra prize rewarding compass or the free games offering bottle of rum.

Lastly, when we talk about profit making opportunities in this game, the available progressive jackpot should not be forgotten. This jackpot will continue to increase in value until it drops randomly at the end of any slot reel spin. Keep your eyes open for this prize, because it is the kind of booty that any ambitious and self-respecting pirate dreams of taking home after a slot reel plundering journey.

Navigate Your Way Towards Many Available Profits

While you sail across the reels and plunder all the treasures that this game has to offer, you will be entertained by a sea worthy tune. Take hold of the ship's steering wheel spin button and see where the game will take you. And if you are in need of some guidance during your spinning journey, then you can have a look at the box that is situated on the top of the screen at the far right side. It is in this display box that you will see a bunch of scrolling tips that help you navigate your way towards many available profit winning opportunities with the help non-feature game elements and built-in bonus rounds.

All in all, you will have a lot of fun playing this game on your device, no matter if you are an active player or a passive one. If you like to be in control of all the action, then you can grab hold of the stirring wheel spin button and make those reels move by yourself. However, if you are a passive player, then you can just hit 'autoplay', grab a bottle of rum and cheer at all the automatic reel spinning action on the screen.

Besides the 'autoplay' key, there is another button that you should pay attention to while playing this game. This button has a tag that says 'gamble', and it lights up every time that you make a base game win. Click on the button so that it can transport you to another screen where you get a chance to double your profits during a daring card play session.

Scruffy Scallywags Slots Provides a Dose of Fun and Thrilling Pirate Themed Slot Game Adventures

Habanero's Scruffy Scallywags Slots has all the right ingredients to provide a good dose of fun and thrilling pirate themed slot game entertainment. It is a cartoonish game that does not takes itself to serious. It is all about having an uncomplicated and fun time when playing this cheerful slot, and along the journey you will be able to scrape up some serious booty here and there. Alternatively, if having an adventure on the slot reels is something you value higher than cash rewards, then you can always go for the alternative option to spin the slot reels of this game with an endless amount of free fun credits. Scruffy Scallywags Slots can be found and endlessly enjoyed at various online casino platforms that offer the entertainment software from game developer Habanero.