Forest Treasure Slots

Did you ever walk around with the wish that your life would be a fairy tale full of magical creatures and beautiful golden treasures? Casino slot game developer Pragmatic Play grants this wish as it likes to invite you to the wonderful Forest Treasure Slots universe, where there is an abundance of magical elements and enticing treasures. Freely roam around the beautiful forest and spin some mythical creatures on the reels to reveal al the amazing treasures in this online slot machine title.

A Wonderful Display of Magic on the Slot Reel Game Screen

Forest Treasure Slots places a world of magic on the screen via 5 reels, 3 rows and 25 win lines. It is a very charming, richly detailed and colorful game that manages to draw you into a mysterious world full of enticing magical elements and satisfying winning combinations.

Fairies, unicorns, wizards, leprechauns and pixies invite you to a hidden world full of trees, butterflies, flowers and mushrooms. An atmospheric background tune further enhances the magical experience. But no matter how cute and extraordinary this hidden forest world might be, you're most likely want to explore it because you want see some of its hidden golden treasures.

Reveal these treasures with the help of mushroom game play elements that are sticking out of the forest soil. For example, there is a mushroom with a spin function, and one with a bet max function. There are also line (1 to 25) and bet value ($0.01 to $5.00) adjustment mushrooms, and you can click on the auto play mushroom to put the game on autopilot. Lastly, there is also a pay table mushroom. Click on it if you want to learn more about the game and its payout system.

Summon Mystical Inhabitants of the Forrest

The reels are sparkling with symbols of magical figures in this mythical slot title. At the top of the payout list, you will see the mysterious unicorn. Finding and spinning 5 unicorns means winning the biggest prize of 2500 credits. The leprechaun is second in line on the pay table. It hands out a total of 1000 credits for 5 simultaneous slot reel hits. The blond fairy comes next, and gives you a reward of 750 coins if you summon her 5 times. Next comes the bearded wizard, who will give you 500 credits for a 5 hit spin. A cute, purple haired pixie closes the highest payout rank with a reward of 400 credits for 5 hits.

The second, lower paying line of attributes is formed by typical card game symbols that are decorated with forest elements to match with the theme of the game. Colorful flowers, bugs and mushrooms surround the ace (300 credits for 5 hits), the king (250 credits for 5 hits), the queen (200 credits for 5 hits), the joker (150 credits for 5 hits) and the number 10 (100 credits for 5 hits).

You form symbol combinations and earn wins via a left to right payout system. Scatters are the only exception as they do not need to be placed in any fixed position in order to pay.

Mysterious Green Men Will Lead You to Bonus Credits

The symbol of a leafy, green men face is connected to bonus game perks. You need to hit it at least three times on the reels and on active win lines in order for the enchanted quest bonus round to become active.

A truly magical adventure awaits you when you enter the bonus feature forest. In it, you need to perform a total of four challenges and locate the amazing unicorn. Bonus credit treasures will be your reward for doing so, and they can reach as high as 53.760 points.

The actual number of rewarded bonus credits depends on the number of green men you will be able to spin on the reels. 5 green men hits give you the biggest chance to claim a large number of bonus credits, because the reward range for such a hit is 50 to 22.400 points. The second largest reward range becomes available when you spin 4 green men. It offers between 25 and 11.200 bonus points. Lastly 3 green men are good for a range of 5 to 2.240 extra credits.

Forest God Idols Represent the Scatter Icon

Place scatter forest god idols on the slot reels to trigger free spins sessions. You can recognize the idol easily, because it is a stone face with a jewel on its forehead and the word scatter written on it. The maximum free spins reward is 40, and you will receive this prize if you simultaneously spin 5 idols. Lesser free spins rewards are being given away when you spin only 4 or 3 idols. You will then respectively receive 20 or 10 free spins.

Your free spins wager and the number of active win lines will be the same as during the spin that triggered this feature. Lastly, you can continue to earn more complimentary spins during the free spins round. They will be handed out when you manage to hit another set of three forest god idols on the reels when the free spins feature is active.

Spin Morphing Insects to Complete Winning Combinations

Wild Forrest insects will display their magical powers when you spin them on the slot machine reels. They are able to transform themselves into symbols that are required to complete winning combinations. However, they do not possess the power to become bonus icons or scatter attributes.

Get Your Dose of Magic and Winnings With Forest Treasure Slots

Forest Treasure Slots gives you a healthy dose of magic and lucrative cash winnings when you decide to play it on a Pragmatic Play powered casino platform. If you require to do a practice run first before you're willing to put real coins on the table, then you can pay a visit to Pragmatic Play's own website, where the game can be enjoyed for free.