Legend of the Nile Slots

Legend of the Nile is a unique online slot game that has a strange setup of symbols and a cool set of features that keeps things interesting. If you want a slot game that feels different, this one is exciting to play for that reason. If you want a slot with excellent prize potential, there is a lot to like in that regard as well.

Unique Slot Setup

Legend of the Nile stands out immediately for its unique reel configuration. This slot game is a 6x6 grid of symbols that all appear in front of you and give you lots of different chances to unlock prize payouts. It might be a bit overwhelming initially, but as you play this slot game you’ll get comfortable with all the different symbols out in front of you as you spin. These slots are really cool because any wins that you get will actually cause additional symbols to drop down to the reels and help you unlock some additional wins for more prize money. You’ll find yourself chaining together lots of smaller wins to help you unlock some seriously good prizes.


There are 30 fixed paylines in Legend of the Nile, but that doesn’t mean you only have 30 coins to wager with when you play. There are 10 different bet levels that allow you to wager between 30 and 300 coins with every turn of the reels. That means you can effectively wager between $0.30 when set to Bet Level 1 and just $0.01 per coin, or as much as $300 per spin with a Bet Level of 10 and $1.00 per coin. This is a huge range to work with and should make most slot players very happy.

The Ra Power Bar

There’s a special power bar at the side of the screen as you play this slot game. To advance the bar you need to turn up Ra symbols. The bar resets at the end of every turn, but thanks to the chain skill that allows several different wins to occur during one spin it isn’t as difficult as you think to get prizes from the power bar. You can unlock free spins and some nice prize payouts from the bar as long as you get at least 8 Ra symbols in the same turn. This gives you eight free spins, and you can go all the way up to 15 free spins with 15 Ra symbols. Get up to 17 Ra symbols and you’ll enjoy a 400x payout and get 20 Ra symbols to unlock the massive progressive jackpot that is worth thousands of dollars.

Isis Trail

There is also an Isis trail in this slot game that’s advanced by getting wins with the Isis symbols. This doesn’t reset in between turns, and can result in a special free spin round. Getting wins with Isis symbols enhances the meter and also increases the special bet amount that’s tied to the feature specifically. Get enough Isis wins and you’ll be playing through a 10 free spin bonus round that gives you plenty of winning opportunities.

The Anubis Trail

Legend of the Nile also has a special gauge called the Anubis Trail. This gauge controls the free spin bonus game and will give you more chances to turn those reels without spending any money to do so. Each time you get a win you will bump up the trail just a bit more. Each time you win with an Anubis Cluster you’ll enhance the multiplier of those free spins that you’ll unlock later on.

Big Win Potential

If you get lucky enough it’s possible to win as much as 112,270 coins on a single spin of this slot game. That’s worth up to the same amount in dollars if you have a maximum wager while you are playing, which is certainly enough to brag about. If you’re interested in slots that pay well, this is one of them, you just need the luck to unlock such a large prize payout.

Pyramid Wilds

The pyramid symbol is wild and will help create most prize winning combinations as you play through one round after the next. Get four or more of the symbols on their own and you’ll unlock a prize just for them. The wild is valuable to have out on the reels and will help complete prize wins for all but the special symbols.

Using Autoplay

Legend of the Nile comes with a special Auto Play feature as well for players that don’t want to deal with the hassle of spinning the reel themselves. This feature is simple to use and has you setting the spin amount as well as the value of the coin you use. Set your amount carefully and you can get the game to go through all the spins without you pressing any additional buttons after everything is set. You are free to stop the auto play feature ehenver you like, so prepare to do just that.

Doubling Up a Win

If you win a prize you have the chance to try and double your money or to keep it and celebrate. This happens through the “Double Up” feature. When you play this feature you wager on whether the coin is going to land heads up or tails up. Choose the right side and you’ll get double your winnings as a prize. Choose wrong and you lose everything. This special feature allows you to wager just half your winnings so you can keep some money even if you lose. It also allows you to keep wagering with your winnings after winning one time to try for bigger and better wins again and again.

With so many special features to trigger, it’s no wonder that everyone doesn’t unlock at least a few while trying this slot game out. It’s a lot of fun watching all the different meters and there are some very nice winning opportunities in this slot game to look forward to as well.