Chilli Heat Slots

Chilli Heat is a newer online slot game with a Mexican theme to it. There are symbols like shots, Mexican sunshine, sombrero donning musicians and more to help create a pleasing theme for you to play along with in this slot game. The whole game is set to a golden sunshiny theme in the backdrop and it looks quite nice. That’s not why we decided to review this slot game though. Read on to learn what we thought of it while looking at all the additional features it has to offer.

Fixed Lines Huge Bets

Chilli Heat comes with a total of 25 pay lines and they are all locked into active position all the time that you play the game. That means while spinning the reels you are betting on all 25 pay lines. For that reason the minimum bet is $0.25 with $0.01 on each line, and the maximum is $125.00 with $5.00 on each of the different lines. Set a bet amount that appeals to you and get spinning. With 25 active reels there’s always a good chance of winning at least a minor prize from this slot game.

Massive Prize Potential

Most of the payouts in this slot game are $1,000 or less, but there are a few differenat ways that you can win very big. The first is by winning the special money bag feature and unlock the massive Grande Jackpot which is always over $5,000 in size and can grow to much larger sizes over time. The second is by getting a string of top paying jackpots, usually achieved during the free spins bonus round of this slot game.

Lucrative Free Spins

The Mexican Sun symbol is the key to unlocking free spins in Chilli Heat slots. Get three or more of these symbols and you’ll trigger 8 free spins. During the free spins all the low paying symbols are banished from the reels. This makes it easier to trigger high paying prizes, and to unlock chains of valuable prize wins rather than sticking with the same old prizes that you see in the normal rounds of the slot game.

AutoPlay Fun

If you aren’t the type of gambler that likes psinning reels over and over again, you can set up the auto play feature of this slot game to take care of the work for you. Press – and + symbols to get to the right number of spins and let the game do the rest for you. You’ll be delighted by the possible payouts that you can get from this slot and you won’t even have to work hard to keep those reels turning either.

Money Bag Bonus

Another very cool feature of this slot game is the money bag bonus round. It ends with some nice payouts and could even lead to winning the Grande jackpot payout that is a minimum of $5,000 and often much higher than that.

This bonus round is triggered by six or more of the money bag symbols. It locks them in position and starts re-spinning the reels. Each time more money bags show up they are locked in position as well and another re-spin triggers. If you can manage to fill up the entire reel with these bags, you’ll enjoy the top progressive jackpot payout. If not you’ll still be rewarded with a handsome prize payout.

Chilli Heat is a cool slot game that’s fun to play and offers enough unique jackpots and special features to keep things interesting. It does things differently than most other slot games, and that’s what makes it worth the trouble of testing out. If you want to try a good solid slot game, this one is worth at least a look.